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Live Scan Prints

Mobile Live Scan

  • We offer Live Scan Fingerprinting for DOJ & FBI

  • We accept walk-ins only

  • We have been in business since 2006

  • Highly Trained Technician

  • We accept all forms of payments

  • We can setup business billing accounts

  • You will be done in 10 minutes after we start your paperwork

  • Rolling Fee is $18

     (doesn't include government fees)

Government fees can vary from the type of scan you are doing. Anywhere from $15-$90

  • We offer mobile live scan for large groups.  Call for quote

  • We service all of Orange County 

  • Our Rolling Fee varies depending on the number of people, distance, and time of day

  • FBI Approved Channeler 

  • National background check by the FBI

  • To review or request a correction or update

  • To challenge information on your record

  • Adopting a child

  • To work , travel or live in a foreign country

  • Other court related matters

  • Fee $65 for mailed response.  Usually takes around a week to be mailed

  • Fee $95 for emailed response.  Usually takes       24 hours or less to be emialed to you

  • We offer FBI Ink Card Fingerprinting

  • We use standard FD-258 FBI cards

  • Used for FBI clearance 

  • Fee $20 per Card

Passport Photos

  • We offer 2x2 Passport Photos 

  • Photos are processed in less than 5 minutes

  • We offer photos for passports, state licensing and personal use

  • 2 photos for $10​

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